rosetta sisters

The Rosetta Sisters are "The original, uncut classic. Two gorgeous acrobats do anything and everything to get to the top of the dog-eat-dog world of circus." Acrobatic partners Nadine and Robin, bring a fusion of acrobatics, balancing stunts, juggling, rolla bolla, and comedy, among other circus antics. A typical show is atypical - our original circus show designed to entertain at festivals, private parties, fundraisers, variety shows or strolling entertainment will leave you wondering what other acts of magical precision the human body is capable of! These two have it all.  For more info about the Rosetta Sisters visit their official website


Nadine Rosetta

Nadine has trained in physical and interactive theatre since she was 12. She traveled the country performing dinner theatre, commercials and stage shows. Circus training came naturally as she moved into clowning and acrobatics. Honing her skills on the streets of New England and circuses of Florida she became an aerialist, fire performer and juggler.

It was in 2012, when she realized the strength of family and came back home to start a duo show with her sister. With laughter and hair pulling you have the new and improved Rosetta Sister show! Nadine will always remain mom's favorite.


Robin Rosetta

Robin has been a circus performer since 2008. Her skills including aerial silks, corde lisse, acro balance, juggling, and stilt walking. She is the former owner and co-founder of MoonDrop Circus, a Kansas City based Circus and Entertainment Company.

Robin has reunited with her sister Nadine to bring you the Rosetta Sisters. Robin, being the younger sister, has a lot to learn, she certainly looks up to Nadine for tips and encouragement, but will always remain Mom's favorite.

Robin hopes that her positive attitude, work ethic, professionalism and beefy biceps encourage others to find the strength and grace inside and out to live a life of love and fulfillment.