Current Performers

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Cary McRoberts

CEO and newly knighted Ring Master of MoonDrop Circus! Cary has spent his entire youth and adult life developing his unique skills and talents leading up to circus performance, ownership, and Head Ringmastersism.  He is thrilled to continue his relationships and participation with all the wonderfully talented circus performers comprising Moondrop Circus, and is extremely grateful to founder and current performer Robin Cook for providing the opportunity to take Moondrop Circus to the next level of success. For bookings or any information whatsoever about Moondrop Circus, please email Cary at, or call him at 816 256 6403


Robin Cook

Robin Cook is co-founder and performer for MoonDrop Circus. After receiving her B.A. in Photography in Illinois, she moved to Kansas City in 2007 where she was introduced to ashtanga yoga. The Maya Yoga studio in Kansas City became home to Robin where she studied and completed her teacher training course in 2011 before diving into circus life full time.

After seeing local group, Quixotic Fusion, perform in 2008, Robin knew she would become an aerialist. Her aerial training includes instruction from Aerial Acrobatics in Denver, NECCA (New England Center of Circus Arts) in Vermont, El Periplo Circus Festival Professional Workshop in Mexico, Aloft Workshops and Private Lessons in Chicago and various collaborations between fellow performers along the way. From 2009 to 2011, Robin was a founding member of Paragon Aerial Arts, resident performers at Harrah’s Casino. In 2011, Robin choreographed and performed a duo lyra piece called the Ballad of Invisible Strings with Penelope Hearne for City in Motion’s annual show at the Union Station in Kansas City.

MoonDrop Circus, co-founded with Luna Breeze, had its 2012 debut at Dance in the Park, with a well- received piece called “Zoom.” Robin is most well known for her strength in basing other aerialists and performers in acrobalance routines. Circus Events at First Fridays, Community Circus Week, and The Kansas City Juggling Club area all community based events that Robin has a big hand in organizing. Robin is working with fellow MoonDropper, Nadine Civitello on a side project, The Rosetta Sisters, a duo busking and variety show which includes lots of acro antics and audience participation.

Robin is excited for the future of MoonDrop Circus. In Jan 2018, Robin handed the Top Hat to Cary McRoberts, who is now the new owner and manager of MoonDrop Circus. When Robin is not performing you can find her working in her family business at Rabbit Creek Products in Louisburg, KS, cooking new foods with her husband, David, and exploring the nooks and crannies of country living.


Nadine Civitello

Nadine Civitello is an extraordinaire Firefighter/Paramedic and circus arts performer in Kansas City. In 2003 Nadine began performing as a stilt walker and continued to perform all over the east coast. She started her journey at FSU in Tallahassee where she performed and trained, along with learning to juggle at MIT and learning acrobatics from a street performer.

In 2006 Nadine and her stupendous, supportive husband migrated to Kansas City so she could attend the fire academy. Shortly after, they began the Kansas City Juggling Club, which boasts to be the largest in the country!

Feeling the mood of the audience, Nadine mainly ‘wings’ it in performances (shhh, don’t tell any one).


Terra Gray

As a girl, Terra Gray, could not make it through a single day without a cartwheel here or a back- handspring there. Terra's love for tumbling landed her in the world of competitive gymnastics and in the summertime, you could find her doing her flips off of a diving board. Terra reigned for several years as an undefeated diver and was known as the " girl to beat." Terra ended her reign in the late years of high school to coach gymnastics and diving in order to pay for gas and car insurance. Several years later, while attending Johnson County Community College, Terra heard through the grapevine of an aerial fabrics class that was offered at a local gym. At this point in her life, Terra did not have a hobby or any inspiration, just school.

Having always wanted to try pretty much any kind of circus art, she jumped on the opportunity and signed up for the class. She took the first class and that was it... Love! She lived and breathed aerial fabrics after that. Terra helped form a local aerial fabric troop named, Paragon, which became the resident aerial performers every Saturday night at Voodoo Lounge, Harrah's North Kansas City. Terra had to climb down from the fabrics to bring her daughter, Ava, in to the world. After a year and a half hiatus from aerial silks, she started flying again and was then offered a spot with MoonDrop Circus by her very close friend, fellow former member of Paragon, and owner of MoonDrop Circus- Robin Rosenberger. Terra has expanded her circus arts to include Lyra and acro-yoga in addition to aerial silks. She inspires to further her skills to include juggling and trapeze. Terra just recently finished her schooling and is now a Registered Dental Hygienist.


Rosemary  Bloom

Born and raised in Kansas City, Rosemary has always been eccentric and unconventional. A professional learner, whenever Rosemary feels she has accomplished one thing, she eagerly begins something new. Her versatile skill set includes aerial silks, hula hoop, fire dance, fire breathing, lyra, trapeze, acroyoga, and various flow props.

Rosemary’s love of circus is overshadowed only by her passion for Mother Nature. She holds a degree in Geology, where she specialized in aeolian sandstones. When you can’t find her, she is probably rock climbing, rappelling into a canyon, on the top of a mountain, or otherwise “lost” in a forest. During the day she is a middle school science teacher.


Jason D'Vaude

Jason D'Vaude (that’s Vaude as in Vaudeville) is a natural born performer, as the doctor noted upon examination at birth. Originally from Kansas City, Jason has been performing circus stunts all over the world since 2003. Jason will balance on dangerous objects like rolling boards and extra tall unicycles whilst juggling axes all while treating such danger with hilarious irreverence. D’Vaude is also known for his exciting displays of fire artistry. Down to earth in personality yet exotic in physical display. Audience participation in every show gives Jason a chance to show his distinct and refined awkwardness. Expect to see some actually-good juggling, dangerous stunts, and definitely be ready to laugh. You can learn more about him at

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Tina Mills

Tina Mills has been performing dance since high school in Kansas City, MO. She has trained in multiple dance styles, including hip hop, modern, contemporary, and ballet. She has trained with dance instructors across the country, and has performed belly dance with Kansas City's Quixotic Fusion. She is MoonDrop's principal dancer and choreographer. During the day, Tina is an elementary school teacher.


Greg Owsley

It all started with a girl. In the fall of 2000, Greg Owsley had a crush on a girl named Beth. In an effort to impress her, he followed her to the University of Rochester Strong Jugglers meeting. This then led Greg to begin a juggling career with the Strong Jugglers that even included “pick-up” line tutorial to help guys get dates with girls.

Undeterred by unsuccessful wooing of Beth and others, Greg the Juggler began performing at the Heart of America Shakespeare festival in 2002 where he continued his attempts at being a heartthrob through his fancy tights and juggling animal impressions. More recently in 2012, Greg Owsley became the KC RAW Artist semifinalist with his act “For Me”, an emotional piece about a breakup. After performing this routine throughout Europe, Greg partnered with Justin Sheldon. Together they rediscovered their childhood spirit when girls had cooties and have been performing their piece “Bells, Robots, and Samurai Swords” around the Midwest.

Greg Owsley is thrilled to be a member of Kansas City’s Moondrop Circus. He’s also a very proud member of the Kansas City Juggling Club – Pitch Weekly’s 2nd best place to meet single guys in 2012! Best of 2012. Back off ladies! Since joining the troupe, he’s engaged to be married in June 2015; hopefully, the luck of this swell guy continues.


Justin Sheldon

Justin Daniel Sheldon began juggling and learning unicycle in early grade school as the son of a juggler with his dad being the guiding light into the circus arts. Known as a prodigy juggler and performing across the Midwest, he performed with his dad as a father and son team named, ‘The Pick ‘em Up Jugglers’.

In the early 90s, Justin and his dad joined two other jugglers in a precursor club to the now largest juggling club in the United States, The Kansas City Juggling Club. Justin joined MoonDrop Circus in 2012 and continues to perform solo and with other juggling partners. Justin has a passion for teaching the art of juggling and his smile is infectious in the circus art circles. When not delighting others with his awe-inspiring juggling talents, Justin works his day job as a jeweler with over 16 years’ experience as a GIA graduate diamond grader and master jeweler. There is no one with more enthusiasm and love for any art as Justin.


Allysha Woodson

Allysha Woodson is a self taught artist—who started out under the wing of her grandmother at the age of 4. It wasn’t until high school that she began to find her own nitch with ceramics and wire wrapping—and in May of 2011 she decided to start her own business, Almond Eye Creations. Once things starting taking off with AEC she decided to follow her bliss and never settle for anything she doesn’t love doing—so she quit her job and decided to live off her art for a few years, which is now selling internationally. Outside of her art and the circus; Allysha currently works part-time at a Native American gift shop in Crown Center which she loves dearly.

In January of 2012, she began her hoop journey at the West Bottoms Flow Arts Group here in Kansas City. Maggie Walker and David Gallina of Groove Catalyst, a KC-based hoop dance duo—as well as past performers for MoonDrop—are actually the ones who gifted her her first hoop, taking her under their wing and letting her attend their hoop workshops throughout the year. Allysha has also attended hoop workshops held by the great Ninja Hoops and Jonathan Livingston Baxter. She had taken part in dance classes up till she moved to Kansas City at the age of 7. But since then her dancing spirit has never led her astray. Allysha has been performing with MoonDrop Circus since August of 2014 and the possibilities are seeming endless!


Peyton Westfall

While dabbling in magic and juggling in his teenage years, Peyton decided to round out his skills by learning some simple balloon animals, and quickly took to latex manipulation like a fish to water. With his great rapport with children, and tongue-in-cheek humor for the adults to enjoy, he's quickly became a family favorite around Kansas City for many years as a "twisted" entertainer at all types of events, both private and corporate.

Now certified in all things balloons, Peyton has taken his flair for color, whimsy, and attention to detail to create amazing large-scale sculptures and event decor. He uses his experience and know-how to make balloons that astonish and amaze, making your event a memorable one.

See some of his creations at:


Jacob Tichenor

Jacob Tichenor began his journey with the desire to juggle fire. Shortly after fire juggling for the first time he went to his first Juggling Festival and quickly learned there is more to juggling than just throwing around a few items. He immediately fell in love with the art. As time progressed the art of juggling evolved and his driving force became the desire to push his limits. Jacob proclaims to be one of the most passionate and dedicated to the craft and shares what he loves with all who spark an interest in juggling. His current inspirations span the globe from Emil Dahl in Sweden, and Nathan Biggs-Penton from our own Midwest to Yusaku Mochizuki in Japan.


Blake Black

Software ninja by day, YoYo wizard by night. Blake has been enamoured with prop manipulation and technology from a very young age. He picked the YoYo as his focus at the age of 12 after attending a small neighborhood contest and workshop. Blake has traveled the world performing, teaching, creating, judging, and promoting the hobby. His passion for improving the YoYo world spurred him to action in 2012, when he and a friend started their own yoyo company, pushing the boundaries of the design and art aspects of manufacturing yoyos.

He is proud to be born and raised in Kansas City, and is passionate about locally made products and businesses. When he's not busy with work or circus, Blake likes to be with friends, play with dogs, and eating mediterranean food, preferably all three at the same time. You can also catch him Netflix-binging the latest seasons of your favorite TV shows.


Mackenzie Reed

MacKenzie Reed is a multi-keyboardist, composer, and writer.

Praised for her fierce and expressive playing, MacKenzie has performed extensively within the United States and Europe, both as a soloist and collaborative keyboardist. She is passionate about connecting with audiences on a personal level and often performs unique programs in unusual venues.

MacKenzie’s compositions are influenced by her background as a classical pianist, but explore the styles of heavy metal and Scandinavian folk music. Her solo harpsichord piece Aberration (2012) is strongly influenced by Meshuggah, and Prologue (2010) for string quartet is based on a traditional Norwegian folk melody. Her works frequently feature an instrument outside its usual context, such as her double concerto for electric guitar, piano, and orchestra (The Descent (2011).

As a creative writer, MacKenzie focuses on theatrical projects that feature musical performance in a unique way, such as The 30th Annual Anna Bolena von Peters Greater Orange County Area Aria Pageant (2014), in which five female opera singers vie for a beauty pageant crown. She also writes song texts, including those for her song cycle, Lamentations (2012).

An enthusiastic learner, MacKenzie is passionate about circus arts, tribal fusion dance, acting, and directing. She thrives on collaboration with artists in other disciplines and is especially interested in experimental performance practices. MacKenzie holds a BM in Piano Performance from Ohio Wesleyan University and an MFA in Performer-Composer from the California Institute of the Arts.


Andrew Wilson

A twenty-first century troubadour, Andrew Wilson breathes new life into an antiquated art form. The son of an engineer and a dancer, Andrew was raised in a world of structure and sound. He grew up in Denver and later studied music and physics in New Orleans. In his college years, Andrew performed at the Denver Performing Arts Center and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Andrew moved to Kansas City in 2011, and shortly after wandered into the circus ring, composing music that maximizes the talent and passion of his fellow performers.

In addition, he plays trombone in the band “My Brothers and Sisters” based in Kansas City. He tests the sonic boundaries between audience and stage, and weaves music into the fabric of circus itself. Share all of your dreams with Andrew; he is eager to listen.