Lots of diverse stilt walking characters to choose from. If you don't see hwat you are looking for we can produce a custom look to fit your theme. 

  • The Cowtown Gal

    Great for small town festivals and farmers market events.
  • Silver Linings

    This costume can be made as silver, gold or with LED Wings.
  • Amelia Earhart

    A favorite when it comes to historic themed events. We've had "Amelia" at the annual Amelia Earhart Festival in Atchison, KS and she can be seen flying around the Kansas City Airline Museum.
  • The Carnival Lady

    Circus themed private parties, galas, and festival, oh my!
  • Hot Air Balloon

    Favorite Stilt Walker Question is "How's the Weather up there?" This is one of our favorite themed costumes. So much fun!
  • Tux and Tails

    Awesome look for anything "Under the Big Top" or formal events like wedding receptions and galas!
  • Lady Liberty

    4th of July anyone? Lady Liberty is here to make your holiday bright.
  • Aunt Samantha

    Fireworks not included but a perfect addition to any patriotic event.
  • Balloon Costumes

    Balloons make everyone smile and with the help of our Balloon Artist Peyton Westfall with Pop Culture Sculptures we can make amazing unique Balloon costumes for your event.
  • Halloween

    Let us get creative. A variety of custom costumes can be created for you.
  • Mardi Gras

    Bottoms Up! These two ladies have wigs, boas and noise makers to spice up your Mardi Gras event.
  • Mrs. Mint

    Best Holiday costume ever! Mrs. Mint will sweeten up your party. Welcome to Candy Land!