FEATURED SHOW: Behind the Curtain

MoonDrop Circus presents 

"Behind the Curtain"

An Original Circus Theatre Production

Show Description

In search of her future, a young circus artist is guided down three paths of circus performers. The traveling Carnival with mesmerizing hoops and glass walkers, the Traditional 3-Ring Circus with dazzling jugglers and graceful aerialist,; and the Nouveau Cirque artists with their dramatic acrobats and unique ropers. They each offer their advice on the art of performance. Of course, they all think their way is the right way. Will this overwhelming information empower the budding aerialist or will it cause her to be the first case of “running AWAY from the circus?” Only one way to find out!

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Cast and Directors:

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  • Benjamin Domask - Artistic Director/Performer

    Photo Credit © Ryan Haro - 2014
  • Robin Rosenberger - Managing Director/Performer

    Photo Credit © Derrick Benitz
  • Nadine Civitello - Performer

    Photo Credit © John Hill
  • Martika Daniels - Performer

    Photo Credit © Willa Ivancic
  • Blake Freeman - Performer

    Photo Credit © Robert Hoops
  • Terra Gray - Performer

    Photo Credit © John Hill
  • Cary McRoberts - Musician

    Photo Credit © Robert Hoops
  • MacKenzie Reed - Musician

    Photo Credit © John Hill
  • Noah Richmond - Musician

  • Meara Roach - Performer

    Photo Credit © John Hill
  • Jacob Tichenor - Performer

    Photo Credit © Robert Hoops
  • Allysha Woodson - Performer

    Photo Credit © Robert Hoops